St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC


IEEE SJCE SB – WIE held an offline event called “ADZAP” on 29th October 2021. The teams were supplied technical products, and they acted out and completed the event’s objectives according to the rules. The event coordinators were S Akshaya, Jesse S, L M Maria Shirley John, T Abinayaa Sri. There was a total of 30 participants in the event, divided into teams, and three teams were chosen as champions. Hema, Abinaya Priya, and Mohana took first place, followed by Madhu, Preethi, and Janani for second place, and Geetha, Anu, and Nive for third place.

Co-Organizing unit                  :  IEEE SJCE WIE

Conducted Date                       :  29/10/2021

Total no. of Participants         : 30