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Design of Transformer and Amplifier Circuit

Design of Transformer and Amplifier Circuit – 20.06.2019-22.06.2019

We have great pleasure in informing you that the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of St. Joseph’s college of Engineering, Chennai has organized a value added course on “Design of Transformer and Amplifier Circuit” from 20.06.2019-22.06.2019 by Emcog Solutions.Nearly45 students attended this course. The whole session was very informative as the concept of Transformers is related to their core subjects.

This course made many students to develop their interest in Tranformers. Students were introduced to the concepts related to Amplifier circuits in a new and interesting way. The training was organised for 3 days.

Students were encouraged to do a lot of research and projects based on Power Sytems which can be implemented in real life.

The overall session was so informative with many practical examples and the students were able to inculcate new ideas.