St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC


IEEE SBC – 28/06/2019 to 30/06/2019

  The Final Year Students from the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering were taken for an Industrial Visit to the NLC Thermal Power Station – I on the 28th 3Oth  of June and first of July this year. They Started by 4:45 early in the morning headed to the station.  Reaching there by 9:30, the students were taken to the station and one of the engineers working at the station was our instructor and Guide. They were taught about the inception of the station and also how it got developed into one of the major power sources of India today. Also the process of the Lignite Extraction and the Working of the station was given. The Thermal Power Station is of Two Units each producing 110MW. There was another Station generating 1050MW with an Extension of 250MW. They were also taken into the station and also shown the detailed working of the station. The Parts of the machine that were working were made in Italy by a Company called Ansaldo. Then they were explained about the criteria of getting a job at the NLC India Limited. Then they left the station by 12:15. It was a great exposure for the students to visit one of the major power plants of the country.