St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC


Computer Society – 18.04.2020-25.04.2020

The IEEE Student Branch of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai has organized an online event Labyrinth 2.0 conducted by the computer society from 18 th April 2020 to 25 th April 2020. This event focused on the technical prowess and R&D skills of individuals and 15 best ideas were shortlisted and the teams were selected to go into round 1 of the competition. Upon further explanations about the feasibility and implementation of the idea, 5 top teams were sent into Round 2 of the competition, where they were asked to make a paper presentation that explained in detail how their solution was better over existing solutions and how they were planning to use their tech stack. The technical domains for the challenge consisted of very lucrative and innovative fields of technology namely Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Augmented &Virtual Reality, and Advanced Mobile Applications. The participants were put to the test to prove their mastery over the field and the top 3 teams were acknowledged and rewarded as the grand winners of the event. This event was a special one as it marked the first collaboration of the IEEE computer society with the Cognizant Student Club and both organizations worked towards the success of this event.