St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC


Our IEEE Student Branch Chapter of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering visit Non-government organizations occasionally to connect with the kids of the home and orphanages and spend some quality time with them. On the occasion of IEEE day 2021, Our IEEE volunteers organized, SAT initiative – STEM Awareness Trip, a series of awareness sessions on the importance of STEM education and conducted interactive activities for certain NGOs and Organizations. We covered about 4 schools and 3 children NGOs on that day on which our student teams visited each organization in person and carried out the sessions. The sessions were both resourceful and interactive. We had positive feedback from all students and the corresponding organizations.

Event Category: STEM

Organizer’s Region: Region 10 (Asia and Pacific)

Organizer’s Section Name: IEEE Madras Section

Organizer’s Organizational Unit: St.Joseph’s College of Engineering IEEE Student Branch Chapter