St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC

Stepping Stone

 Computer Society – 16.5.2020

The IEEE Student Branch of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai has conducted an online event Stepping stone an Aptitude challenge for the students under Computer Society. In this event, there were 50 MCQ’s to be solved within an hour, conducted on 16th May from 6 PM to 7 PM. Over 200 students from various colleges across India had registered and participated in this event. This event is focused on the aptitude knowledge of the students, as this might be a kick-starter for them in attending the aptitude section for various companies in placements. It consisted of 15 Quantitative aptitude questions,15 Logical reasoning questions, 15 Verbal reasoning questions and we had a surprise round of 5 questions, where this round had questions related to the IEEE awards and personalities but in a very twisted and fun way, it was named from the trend followed in Instagram called as Guess the gibberish. The whole event was hosted in the Testmoz platform which provides us to create quizzes for free; it also had a self-evaluator for every individual long with a timer where the total marks for the event were evaluated out of The winners were announced on 17 th May.