St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC


INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS SOCIETY – 02/08/2019 and 03/08/2019

The summit was organised in association with IEEE – Industry Applications Society and Larsen & Toubro Limited on August 2nd and 3rd 2019. First day consist of three sessions and second day consist of two sessions. The summit was conducted for various colleges all over Tamil Nadu. Totally, 60 students from various Colleges and Industries. The Chief Guest for this Summit is Mr.R.Srinivasan from L & T Construction.

Mr. Srinivasan vice chairman of IEEE IAS Society from L & T construction gave an inspiring speech on recent technologies which could change the conventional methods of administration to a futuristic smarter way. He started his speech by giving a brief introduction about smart city. He mentioned many completed and on-going projects which were implemented in many Indian cities like Mumbai, Nagpur and in the cities of Odisha, Gujarat etc., His expertise in the subject knowledge impressed the Europeans who called him for knowledge transfer. He emphasised on integration rather than vertical implementation. The smart projects were installed in Nagpur, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and in Gujarat. A traffic surveillance system using RFID sensors installed in Mumbai helped in finding missing vehicles, children using facial recognition, thus making the city smarter and safer. The project implemented during the kumbh mela festival in Gujarat eliminates the population congestion. His wide experience also did the touch renewable energy sector. The efficiency of wind mill was increased by embedding sensors into the body of the wind mill and continuous monitoring. He also briefed about cloud computing, IOT applications in agriculture and Cybersecurity. Smart meters for cloud computing applications was quoted. The use of optical fibre for many applications was mentioned. Smart solutions for parking and security are implemented at L&T campus. The usage of micro grids which is a budding research field is also included in their projects. After his speech, many excited participants asked questions. The second session was carried out by Mr. Chockalingam and Mr. Arunkumar Palaniappan they spoke about the Smart projects which is developed in Nagpur. The third session was carried out by two research persons. Firstly, Mr. Sankaran spoke about his project developed in Odisha. And Md.Ghouse delivered about the projects and safety measures taken in Delhi. One the first half of the day the six stalls is arranged for participants from six different companies to gather knowledge about the new technologies.

Second day we had two sessions. The first session was carried out by Dr.Paramasivam and continued with second session was handled Dr. S. Mohan. At the end of the second day, the games were conducted to all the participants.