St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC

Technology Dissemination Contest for Students (TDCS)-2019

IEEE SBC – 2019

TDCS is an annual program conducted by IEEE Pune section to disseminate information about up-coming technologies among high school children. It is conducted as a contest for University students who take special interest in promoting technical literacy among rural and urban high school children.
TDCS-2019/ Eu-Reka : This year TDCS-2019/Eu-Reka is being organised with focus on “lending a hand to raise the education ‘Reka’ of the country” (Reka in many Indian languages means a line and Eu-Reka symbolises the National literacy level).

Students from 3rd year and final year students have taken part in this contest.


These 8 teams consisting of 4 members each, visited various schools across Chennai and its surroundings. Categorization included rural and urban schools. The teams took seminar for 8 to 10 grade students. Each seminar was conducted for around 2-3hrs.The topics comprised of:

  1. Technologies for Agriculture , Food Processing & Rural development
  2. Technologies for Health care & Medical Diagnosis
  3. Technologies for Education, Sports & Woman welfare
  4. Technologies for Space and National Security

The purpose of the session is to motivate the students to take up higher studies in STEM by giving them a flavour of its benefits in their day-to-day life. It should also be able to boost Confidence, Self-esteem and Aspirational level of girl students to continue studies beyond high school level.