St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC

Workshop – Machine Learning

Control System Society – 19-02-2020

The IEEE Student Branch of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai under Control System Society has organized a workshop on “Machine Learning” on 19/2/2020. A group of around 40 students and faculty had actively participated in this workshop. The purpose of Accura 1.0 was to educate the students & faculty in the field of machine learning. Ms. S. Hepziba & Ms. Jayashree Narayanan were our guest speakers. A brief introduction into Machine learning, Supervised, Un-Supervised learning, Regression, Clustering, was given by Ms. S. Hepziba, who was then followed by Ms. Jayashree Narayanan with an example by applying linear regression to predict air pollution levels. Participants were taught to apply linear regression to data using both Python & MATLAB. At the end of the event, students were split into two groups who were each assigned a data set and were given a time of one month to come up with an accurate prediction model.