St.Joseph's College of Engineering IEEE SBC

WORKSHOP – Role of Electrical Engineer in Space Agency

DAY 1 – ROGER HUNTER – 14.05.2021

IEEE SJCE SB conducted an International workshop series that was held for three consecutive days on the topic “Role of Electrical Engineer in Space Agency”. The first day of the event was handled by Mr. Roger Hunter, a renowned Program Manager at NASA.He was welcomed by our IEEE chairman Mr. Arangan Rishikesh and handed the session to Mr. Roger.  With a 40 year experience in Department of Defense, Commercial, and Government Space Missions he served as a project manager in several US missions and with this unequivocal knowledge he elucidated all the participants on the electrical engineer role in space agencies. He also briefed the participants about the role of NASA in Space missions and what to be expected of the future aspirers in this field. After a detailed session by Mr. Roger, the queries from the participants are answered by Mr. Roger with the help of Mr. Thiruvel. The vote of thanks session was handled by Mr. Arangan Rishikeh. Also at the very end of the session Mr. Roger was given a memento by our Joint Secretary Mr. A.P.Thiruvel

DAY 2 – BENZIGAR RAJAN – 15.05.2021

IEEE SJCE SBC conducted a Workshop on ‘ Role of Electrical Engineer in Space Agency’. It was a three day workshop and the second day was handled by ISRO Scientist Mr. Benzigar Rajan who is Senior Scientist in various Missions of ISRO. The welcome speech was given by our Faculty coordinator Mr Sreekanth.R and the session was handed to the speaker. During the two hours of session, the speaker explained briefly about the role of electrical engineers in various space agencies. Also he explained about some space missions going to be executed by ISRO in future and some precious missions that were successfully carried out in the past. At the end, the speaker motivated the students and gave some ideas related to their future. The Query session was handled by Ms. Jesse and the speaker answered all the queries asked by the participants. A momento was given to the speaker as Token of Graduation by Mr. Thiruvel.


IEEE SJCE SB conducted an International workshop on “Role of electrical engineering in space agency”.The third day of the workshop was presented by Goutam Chattopadhyay s , Senior scientist in NASA, Ex-vice chairperson of kepler’s machine. He is a american born indian , senior scientist for various projects in NASA.The session commenced with a welcome note  Ms.Denora.The speaker gave an astounding presentation about space and the presentation was a virtual tour of rockets and satellites. Throughout the session, the speaker gave every single detail of how electrical engineers play a vital role in rocket science. The audience gained the maximum knowledge of the presentation which was shown by the way the participants raised questions to the speakers. The queries session was taken over by Ms.Abinayaa Sri. A token of appreciation was awarded to the speaker by Mr.A.P.Thiruvel.